I would perfer answers that don’t involve mainstream music.
Like, indie music?

Birra spanish castle magic asked:

alright i was just answering a Q looking for new music.but i dont get why people literally spam their answer with songs & no links?

BQ would you honestly be bothered even looking up one of the songs below? (ie go to the effort to load youtube, type the song, listen & judge it)

The Moth” – Other Girls from Perfect Cities (2009)
“Mind Games” – Butterflies from Nothing’s Personal (2009)
“Quiet Little Voices” – We Were Promised Jetpacks from These Four Walls (2009)
“Conductor” – We Were Promised Jetpacks from These Four Walls (2009)
“Easy” – Deer Tick from Born On Flag Day (2009)
Vampire Weekend!
“Wounded” – Jay Reatard from Watch Me Fall (out August 18)
“Paralyzed” – Starlight Mints from Change Remains (out July 21)
Amanda’s Picks
Greg Laswell- “Sing, Theresa Says” Through Toledo
The Shins- “So Says I” So Says I/ “New Slang” Know your Onion
The Shins- Album- Wincing the Night Away- “Girl Sailor”
Band of Horses- “No ones gonna love you” Cease to Begin
CAKE- Never there
SPOON-Do you evah
BECK- Girl w/ a short skirt and long jacket
Broken Social Scene ?
The Flaming Lips- Yoshimi Battles the pink robots pt. 1
Radiohead- “Talk Show Host” Romeo and Juliet soundtrack
Metric- “Combat Baby” Old World Underground
The Cure- “Friday I’m in love” Galore- The singles 1987-1997
Modern English- “I Melt with you” The Best of Modern English.
Arcade Fire- “Cold Wind” Six Feet Under, Vol. 2
Black Keys- “My mind is ramblin” Chulahoma
Zero 7- “In the waiting line” Simple Things  Also, “Destiny” and “Give it Away”
Sneaker Pimps  6 Underground; Spin Spin Sugar all on Becoming X album
Portishead- Only You
The big sleep?
Dave bazan?
The Dandy Warhols- “The Last High” Are Sound
Wilco- “The Late Greats” A ghost is born
Guster- “Say That to my Face” Rock for Relief
Metric- Raw Sugar
Peter Bjorn and John “Young Folks” Writer’s Block
She Wants Revenge- “Tear you apart”- She wants revenge
Rehab- “Sittin’ at a Bar”- Southern Discomfort
Arctic Monkeys- “Mardy Bum” Whatever people say I am, that’s what I am
Arcade Fire- “Headlights look like diamonds” The Arcade Fire
Sufjan Stevens- “Chicago” The Avalanche
Wilco- “Heavy Metal Drummer” Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Spoon- “The book I write” Stranger than fiction
Wilco- “Pot Kettle Black” Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Pete Yorn- “Strange Condition” Musicforthemorningafter
The Shins- “New Slang” Oh, Inverted World
Telepopmusik- “Breathe” Genetic World
Iron & Wine- “The Sea and the Rhythm” The Sea & the Rhythm
Kasabian- “Fast Fuse” West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
Iron & Wine- “Such Great Heights” Postal Service remake
Say Hi- “Toll and Trouble” The wishes and the glitch
The Faint- “The Geeks were right” Fascination
Islands- “Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby” Return to the sea
Queens of the Stone Age- “No One Knows” Songs for the Deaf

It may be safe to mention that a lot of individuals have already tried the plethora of diet and weight loss supplements being sold within the market these times however, the outcomes are usually significantly less than reasonable. Just lately, the critically-acclaimed Dr. Oz has mentioned in his show just how good the benefits of garcinia cambogia is and the key behind its fat-breaking powers.

The success stories claimed by men and women about its efficacy in weight loss has caused it to become referred to as the sangraal of weight-loss, even though the fruit of kodumpulli might not look that great. The facts behind all the advantages of brindleberry actually lies within the substance called HCA – hydroxycitric acid.

Pure goraka extract is the formula which will help tone down one’s hunger while at the same time providing a genuine feeling of fullness for a lengthy time period. Several people have said that they were able to keep away from frequent noshing plus it helped them to eat healthiest foods. Other notable advantages of brindleberry comprise diminution of lousy cholesterol and even pressure levels within the body.

What’s excellent in regards to the advantages of brindleberry is they’re safe and normal – they would not have any additives, chemicals, or other harmful substances which other diet supplements might have. It is important to assess the labels of goraka supplements and assure that it has no less than 50 PER CENT HCA (8001000mgmust not include not contain any artificial ingredients, binders, or fillers.

In spite of the success tales behind gamboge tree, there’s still uncertainty on several individuals regarding its efficacy in trimming down pounds. What people don’t understand is that losing pounds can’t be done in a blink of an eye fixed – this is still a nutritional supplement, and for that reason it’s meant to get used in combination with proper diet and workout to achieve effects more promptly and efficiently.

Kodumpulli is also supposed to be quite successful when it comes to taking up an individual’s metabolic process a notch higher. As there are many chemical reactions mixed up in body’s metabolic process, there will be an imbalance. Only with the help of HCA, these imbalances are corrected and it causes your body to possess a deficit of energy, paving the method for the burning of fat.

You may want to be careful with some of the people selling weight loss as well as diet supplements promising to have an "instant" fix for the weight-loss problems. It’s very likely that you could fall right into a snare if you are unable to perform some investigation work prior to making any purchase. With kodumpulli, you won’t have to be concerned about this because studies show that it is the actual deal.

All that’s wanted is somewhat Are you really still going to go back to fake weight-loss supplements that guarantee an overnight fix?

A freight forwarder essentially acts as an agent between the logistics service provider and the customer company. This is also true for Singapore freight forwarders, which is their job to assist oversee the transport of their clients goods, ensuring that dispatches are arranged, transport documents are prepared and processed, which all sending processes and ordinances are correctly followed.

A trusted Singapore freight forwarder will probably have the ability to provide their clients using a time where their dispatch will arrive at the country of destination, ensuring that every thing is to be able and in excellent condition. They are able to provide cost effective and dependable logistics options to their customers through their recognized relationship with logistics businesses.

An important function a Singapore freight forwarder offers is advice on one of the most efficient and cost-effective approach to dispatch for customer goods, such as student shipping from UK to Singapore. The range of transportation, whether by land, sea, or air is critical for the general transport process. Additionally they examine and carefully strategy the most effective route for your dispatch of these clients. In some cases, they could work as provider and agent at the same time.

It’s very important that Singapore freight forwarders have continuous communication using their clients through the whole dispatch process. Freight forwarders will also conduct monitoring services among customer warehouses to be sure everything is to be able. In addition they make sure that dispatches arrive safely to their own ultimate recipients.

In ensuring that cargo costs are kept in the minimal, the Singapore freight forwarder also carefully identifies and analyzes important factors like the character of the goods, shipping source/objective, and specific requirements of clients. They also have to take into account threat and weather variables before proceeding using the dispatch. The preparation and processing of significant shipping documents like bill lading, transport company’s export declaration, and business invoices is their duty also.

Singapore freight forwarders are needed to assist them organize the international transportation businesses of goods, considering that the entire logistics process can be overly cumbersome for a client. Through their attempts, customers might have peace of mind knowing that their dispatches are safe and can arrive at the appropriate place and in the right time.

It is reasonable for companies and commercial establishments to really have a sound access control technology because it’s going to make sure that only authorized staff are allowed access to specific areas. In this mode, both security and privacy are enhanced significantly.

As compared to traditional lock and key system, computerized access-control technologies is more advanced in terms of keeping restricted areas safe. Since there aren’t any physical keys to be used, locks can’t be compromised because of key duplication.

Biometrics is actually a popular type of access control system and it’s competent to allow or refuse a person access to a specific place by scanning specific private attributes like fingerprint and retina. This type of access-control is indeed very common nowadays in almost any office setting as it’s nearly fool proof and is actually accurate because retina and fingerprints are distinctive to each man.

One other amazing point about having an access-control system is that you won’t must use as much security guards to fix the entrance/exit points of the building or facility. Access-control technologies can likewise help to ensure they’re doing their job by the due date and keep track of the work schedule of staff. And because less manual work is involved, there is a lesser opportunity for people to commit fraud.

The actual barrier is quite significant as it is what truly secures the door or gate. Electronic locks are pretty much common as of late, especially in hotels and banks. In bus or train terminals, turnstiles are a standard feature within the entry gates.

There are just two alternatives for an access control and for smaller establishments, a stand-alone system is frequently used because it is less complex to setup and all information is saved within the system itself. On larger offices, network or online-based systems are preferred because it gives more flexibility using an user database. Qualifications such as passwords, keycards, and fingerprints are combined with the entry control.

When using an access control system, it’s essential to recognize that there may be some possible loopholes that needs to be given attention. One popular security violation is by tailgating, which can be executed when an unauthorized individual follows one who enters a safe place. Dangers like this can be readily avoided by laying out normal protocols and keeping the system continuously updated.

A good means of leveling-up the security of the organization or facility is by combining your access control system with an innovative surveillance system. This means you’ll further have the ability to maintain a close watch over your entire operations and not have to be concerned about whether or not your staff are doing their job properly or not. It’s a critical part of internal control you ought not miss.

If you are someone who desires to pursue a career as a Singapore commercial photographer, you can expect to be part of a profession that is fulfilling, rewarding, and can also lead to other great opportunities. But in order to take the path towards success, you must have a genuine passion for photography and be able to invest time and effort to acquire the skills and experience in this field.

As compared before, it is much easier to learn about photography and its different areas because of digital technology. And because of the technological advancements in photography, DSLR’s or digital single reflex cameras have become much more affordable these days. DSLR’s are also now easier to use that even novice photographers can produce professional results with a little training and experience.

Should you decide to become a Singapore commercial photographer by profession, one thing you could look forward to is the lucrative earnings, but that also means that you have the proper credentials to back it up. Commercial photographers nowadays get their gigs as freelancers, but it is not uncommon for them to find work in advertising agencies or publishing companies, either part-time or full-time.

Commercial photographers may also setup their own studio or photography shop so that they can cater to people who require digital photography services. Couples, friends, and families may want to get some portraits taken and this can be done on your studio. Special events such as weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, and parties will often require photo coverage and this is an excellent opportunity to do business.

To get started properly as a Singapore commercial photographer, it is ideal that you get the right kind of training first. Mastering digital photography is critical if you’re going to specialize in any areas such as commercial photography. You can take up seminars and short courses held by well known professional photographers. It is even possible to get trainings from the internet as well.

As you go along the path to becoming a Singapore commercial photographer, acquiring experience is a must. So how much of it should you get? The answer is, as much as possible. In any area of photography, learning is a lifelong process and the more experience you have, the more proficient you can become. A good way to start is by offering your service to friends and family and start building a great portfolio from it.

You may also want to join several photographer associations and clubs so that you can interact with fellow photographers and learn from them as well. This will help you develop connections that will be of great use in the long run. It is also a good idea to join photography forums on the internet and join the online community for sharing ideas and tips that can help you in improving your skills as a photographer.

The profession of a Singapore commercial photographer can be a very competitive one and it is important that you aim to acquire a high level of proficiency to stay ahead of the pack. Just like in any other endeavor, innovating yourself is important so that you can differentiate yourself from the rest. Continue to reinvent yourself as a photographer and you’ll find better opportunities along the way.

Are you needing the expertise of a reliable Singapore dental clinic? That’s obviously a good thing to do. It could be impossible not to find a good dentist in Singapore. The single possible difficulty you may undergo is selecting the best dental clinic whose expertise suits your needs.

Seeking a good east Singapore dental clinic indeed calls for some labor on your side. No matter if you may have dental hygiene coverage and your provider has adequately equipped you with a directory of their clinics. You still will need to go through this directory to locate the ideal clinic for your preferences. You probably have got to make your decision. It’s actually not a beneficial idea to count on just any person with your dental care needs.

How then would you choose a dental clinic in Singapore? You must first make queries whether or not the clinic carries a business permit. You could encounter a clinic whose assistance are extremely cheap. But are they appropriately documented with the state? Cheap isn’t necessarily reliable; always take that into account. Whenever possible, you ought to steer clear of these clinics.

Once you’ve made sure that the clinic is genuinely legitimate, you must then observe how great a history the clinic has. A terrible review or two is not really grounds for you to fret. Nevertheless, should there be too many lousy ratings for your comfort or if these opinions declare the same thing, you must reassess your choice of clinic. If you do not think you can depend on the critiques you find, it’s possible to solicit recommendations from your friends and family members.

So for instance you’re seeking a Singapore dental clinic at this point for the reason that you would like braces for your child. Won’t it be a good idea for you to look for a clinic that provides some other services than orthodontics? Chances are you’ll demand the services of a, say, dental hygienist or dental surgeon later on. In case the clinic you’ve selected has dental practitioners with different areas of expertise, you don’t have to do an additional survey for a clinic when your dental care necessitates adjustment. Don’t you think it may be a hassle to head to one clinic to have your teeth whitened and afterwards visit another clinic in case your son or daughter needs tooth braces?

Another point you must take into account is the expertise and experience of the dental professionals working in the clinic. The quality of the expertise provided by a clinic is fully dependent on how outstanding its dentists are. To make sure the standard of the dental treatment you will be receiving from this clinic, you should make sure to perform some research on the dental practitioners in the clinic. When doing your research, you must know more concerning the level of these dentists’ working experience, their industry of specialization, and the cleanliness of their history. Better still, attempt to set up an interview with these dentists if you could.

Finally, you should make queries with regards to the settlement alternatives accessible at the Singapore dental clinic you’re doing investigation on. You’ll require many different selections if you don’t have a dental package or maybe your expected dental work isn’t protected by your existing package. A few dental services could be very extravagant. Having such payment methods readily available to you guarantees that you could always afford the dental care you require.

You mustn’t find it hard to track down a dependable dental clinic in Singapore. You only have to figure out what exactly you need from a dentist and search for the dental clinic that fits these preferences. And then, you should find the dental clinic able to assisting you in working with these necessities. Prior to availing the expertise of any particular Singapore dental clinic, however, you ought to do your investigation first.

There is no denying that the incidence of criminal activities will always be a risk no matter what we do, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t do anything to minimize that risk. Luckily, we have technology on our side and it can indeed make a big difference in our home’s security. With a digital surveillance system in place, you’ll be able to have peace of mind.

Most homeowners cringe about the thought of installing a surveillance system in their home primarily because of the costs involved, but that is not really the case nowadays. Advancements in the industry have caused surveillance equipment to be more affordable than ever. Come to think of it, the cost really doesn’t matter considering that you are investing for your family’s safety and security.

One important reason for setting up a home surveillance system is that it acts as a potent deterrent to would-be criminals. Just having a visible CCTV camera outside your doorstep can easily prevent a crime, and prevention is always better than having a cure. Should a trespasser enter certain areas in your home, you or the police department can easily be alerted so that immediate action can be taken.

Nowadays, one should really be careful about opening doors, especially with strangers. By installing a surveillance camera in the front door or gate, you can check out the person knocking before you open it. If in the middle of the night you feel that something strange is going on in your yard, you can check the live footage of your camera to determine the problem and call the police if necessary.

Many surveillance cameras nowadays have the capability to broadcast footage in real time via the internet. These gadgets are referred to as IP cameras and they are very useful whenever you are away from home. You’ll be able to check on your kids while they’re being taken care of by the babysitter or simply to keep an eye on everything when no one is home.

In case your home gets terrorized by robbers, you should be able to use the video recorded by your surveillance system and submit it as evidence to help pinpoint the people behind the crime. It should be noted that the storage medium for recorded videos must be located in a secure place so that it won’t be accessed by robbers in any way and possibly destroy important evidence.

Surveillance equipment that are designed for home use are also advanced enough to give you timely warnings in case there is a weather disturbance coming. The system may also be used to manage the operation of certain appliances and electronic devices in your home. There are also models that can be hooked up with fire alarms to alert the fire department immediately should a fire break out.

It is quite easy to have a home surveillance system installed by simply following the owner’s manual. For more advanced setups, you may need to hire a professional to make sure everything is done correctly. You will also need to decide whether to use a wired or wireless camera setup. Wireless cameras offer great flexibility and minimize the hassle of working with wires.

You should have Malaysia warehouse services in the event your organization is mostly about trading and shipment of goods in Malaysia and its surrounding zones. You won’t need to acquire land to build your own stockroom if you aren’t required to. In such cases, you’ll realize its easier to outsource your warehousing in a different place.

Indeed, you can benefit from a number of perks from dealing with Malaysia warehouse services in lieu of constructing your own stockroom. Just look at it – when you let somebody else manage your warehousing, you basically provide your firm the opportunity to place emphasis on the core of your operations. All that emphasis will make your industry evolve and prosper. Your storage specifications will not have to take in a portion of your valuable time and energy, so running your enterprise should not be that hectic for you.

Yet in order for you to be rewarded from these advantages, you must choose a good stockroom proprietor you can conduct business with. Obtaining decent warehouse professional services isn’t that simple. You have to make sure that the storage place facilities you appoint are optimal for your requirements. Let us say, for example, that your enterprise largely involves shipment of imported frozen food products in Malaysia. Frozen food items get easily rotten, and so they ought to be put in low-temperature storage space. For that reason, you need to locate clean and bacteria-free storage space that includes the application of freezers.

You have to check out the added professional services a company providing Malaysia warehouse services will grant you before you decide to do business with them. Determine whether you should staff the warehouse facility you lease with your own personnel or if perhaps they are going to furnish the people to look after your merchandise for you. Will transport be part of your warehousing agreement, or should you make use of your own motor vehicles? Will you benefit from the use of an office at the stockroom where your team can work? Is the storage facility secure against intruders and unwanted substances? What kind of security measures does the stockroom provide? Are you sure your important products will be treated very carefully by the warehouse facility company?

Besides the security matters and the basics of the entire operation, you also need to learn precisely what kind of popularity your Malaysia warehouse services company has. The storage facility service company you work with must be a business that has a track record for credibility. The storage firm you use should be a company renowned for providing superb service to its clientele. It’s irrational to misuse your resources regardless of how large your organization is or how much money you have in your enterprise bank account. Do you reckon it is worth doing business with a service provider considered to be not worthy of trust?

Furthermore, take a great look at how the company treats its personnel and the local community living in close proximity to its storage facilities. You wouldn’t like your company affected by any internal struggles the organization could be having. Neither will you desire your enterprise screwed up by any difficulties the warehousing company has in its own surroundings. Remember that what you really need is someone who can securely manage your items for you. Your service provider’s issues with its workforce and the neighborhood are not any of your enterprise, until it’s you who is causing these issues.

It is vital that you make agreements with a superb warehouse service company if your organization is devoted to transportation of products. With a warehouse service specialist, you can focus on the core of your enterprise and have someone else look after the essential things. Nevertheless, opt for the service company you will work with thoroughly. Employ only the Malaysia warehouse services corporation that understands the demands of your corporation.

Any internet site owner who would like to put up a web business has got to first get his own internet domain. Virtually every flourishing online businessman will confirm how essential it is to possess your own domain as it is a valuable investment. If you are intending to go forward with the domain registration process, you’ll have to consult with a domain name service authorized by the Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The first task to register domain name is by searching for your domain registrar and then taking advantage of the free search functionality that permits you to determine whether the domain name you want is available for registration.

In order for an internet business to succeed, it is important that you decide on a sensible domain name and a proven way to do this is to use a keyword research software. Whenever people use search engines to access information, many of them never click beyond the first page of the search results and hence you have to try to get your website to higher search engine rankings. Maybe you have already found out about search engine optimization (SEO) and this is just what it aims to do, normally by utilizing keyword-rich domain names. Most commonly it is a sensible strategy to come up with a short but descriptive domain name which will help people recall your internet site.

The approach to registering a domain also requires opting for a TLD (top-level domain) which includes .com, .org, .net, and .biz. When opting for a TLD, it might be far better to decide on the most common extensions. Only when the key TLD’s are not obtainable should you really resort to the other domain extensions. After your domain name has been completed, make certain you have it registered at once even if you haven’t constructed a website yet. It is far from unusual for domain names to be for sale one minute and be traded the next, for that reason you ought to be quick to move in saving your place on the net.

There is in most cases a nominal cost of around $10 if you decide to register domain name for your firm. You ought to then renew your registration after 12 months for you to enjoy the liberties of your domain. Additionally, there are choices to register for an extended period and this might be crucial in the event your internet based company indicates some sign of development. You need to also remember to register the domain under your name mainly because you’ll never know what difficulties await if it is registered under somebody else. Additionally it is a great idea to fully familiarize yourself with the history of the domain registrar you’re going to be working with prior to carrying on with the registration process.

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